The best Multifunctional Fidget Spinners

The best Multifunctional Fidget Spinners

As the fidget spinning craze continues, conquering more and more territory on our website, we find consolation in the fact some models have evolved past the basic spinning and now come with a few "real-life" features. So, if you were looking for an excuse to give in and join the fidget spinner movement, with these multifunctional fidget toys you now have a few.

Fidget Spinner + Lighter

A much less obvious combo, especially if you consider the fact that a lot of people take to fidget spinning to actually quit smoking. Sure, there are plenty of other occasions one might need a lighter like making an illegal campfire or creepily awaiting someone's birthday - but we digress. This rectangular beauty comes with a USB chargeable lighter which, after only 2 hours of charging, can easily last for up to one week of moderate use.

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Fidget Spinner + Bottle Opener + Nail File + Buckle + Screwdriver

S far, this is the most multifunctional fidget toy we've come across. Probably designed with a modern-day MacGyver in mind, this little trinket can get you out of all sorts of trouble: from a chipped nail to digging your way out of a jail cell. An abundance of applications aside, the fidget spinner does come with a pretty cool "tough" design and a decent spin time - making it a nice little gadget to have on its very own

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